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From brunch bars to neighborhood cafes, and independent grocery stores, Junior’s wholesale partners span a broad spectrum. What this growing group of retail and hospitality professionals have in common is a commitment to quality, craft, and service. We all share a goal of using our knowledge, experience, and passion to serve our customers to the best of our ability. A partnership with Junior’s is based on the trust that we will consistently provide outstanding coffee and attentive service in exchange for you being the steward of our products. We see the supply stream as anything but linear, and view our partnerships as collaborative. The more knowledgeable that we are about how coffee is treated from seed to cup, the more capable we are of sourcing a quality coffee, in a more sustainable way. The coffee industry has its share of complex challenges, and moving forward in an equitable direction requires an educated consumer base. While we understand that coffee may not consume your life like it does for us, we want to be your resource and link for learning more about how your coffee gets to you. 

Benefits of Partnership 

  • Rotating, seasonal coffee menu with wholesale pricing
  • Coffee roasted multiple times per week
  • Local delivery (Portland Metro Area)
  • 2-Day Priority Shipping for non-local partners
  • Equipment consultation
  • Brewing education and training
  • Staff and public demos

If you are opening a new cafe, or if you are simply wishing to diversify your beverage offerings, our experienced and caring team can help get you what you need to be successful. In addition to the above, we can offer:

  • Initial assessments to determine coffee menu and training needs
  • Equipment and cafe layout consultation
  • Training and education on bar for espresso preparation, milk based beverages, filter coffee preparation, bar flow, and cleaning practices

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