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The Alberta Petite Hotel

Posted by Caryn Nelson on

The Alberta Petite Hotel

Robin Hawley was one of the first “regular” customers at Guilder when it opened in 2017. She frequently visited as a member of a neighborhood political advocacy group called, 'Postcards & Coffee'. The group of engaged activists wrote postcards together over coffee in support of democratic candidates and important causes. We were honored to host them, and appreciated their support as a growing small business. 

In the fall of 2018, we were delighted to learn that Robin and her husband, Brian, were opening their own business, a “petite hotel” in the Alberta Arts District. They invited us to tour the newly renovated craftsman house and chat about the opportunity to include Junior’s in their guest offerings. They chose the location of “The Alberta Petite Hotel” because they wanted to enable travelers to stay right on Alberta Street and enjoy the neighborhood. The Alberta Arts District is a super fun and vibrant place to be, with amazing restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment. They also wanted to offer a close-by option for friends and family visiting people living in the area. "We're visiting our family that lives nearby. Your location is perfect!" is a common theme they hear from guests.

When asked why they decided to open a lodging business, Robin shares, “We've always loved traveling and staying in cool places. Sometimes it was the place we came back to after a long day of sightseeing that made the trip even better. Or it was a place of retreat to just lounge around all day. These experiences evolved into a dream of creating the same kind of experience for travelers in the community we live in.” The care and attention to create a unique experience for guests is evident in the welcoming space that is also clean, very comfortable, and well-appointed with amenities. Like Robin’s involvement with the advocacy group, the hotel reflects the couple’s shared values of sustainability, equity, and inclusion. They love supporting other small businesses and personally drink Junior’s, adding “we love supplying Junior’s at our little hotel and promoting their business”.

Robin and Brian still have the dream to expand the hotel into a space that incorporates lodging, a makerspace, event space and artist retreat. For now, they welcome all to experience The Alberta Petite Hotel, be it a couple looking for a weekend getaway, a corporate retreat, colleagues attending events nearby, a family visiting family, or a group of friends needing a home base while visiting Portland.

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