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Community Funded Coffee

Community Funded Coffee

Well Done!
You’ve just made the first steps towards joining a collective eager to build equity into the coffee supply system.


When you purchase a subscription to Community Funded Coffee (CFC), you are purchasing coffee from farmers in community with others. The subscription is based on a model being used by agricultural communities around the world. Supporting farmers together means that your coffee purchase directly benefits farmers we partner with—their crops, their families, their livelihoods. Committing to the interconnectedness between us as consumers and those producing coffee can help us understand how local choices can impact global communities.




What is Community Funded Coffee?

You may have heard of a produce CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), where community members can partner with produce farmers, buying a share of their harvest in exchange for a share of the bounty of vegetables, fruits, and herbs grown there. Similarly, Community Funded Coffee (CFC) offers you a way to connect to coffee farmers, pre-financing a portion of their crop to ensure equitable compensation, in exchange for high-quality coffee you’ll love drinking. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter that will provide you an in-depth tour of the farm, introduce the farmer who is growing the coffee, and will keep you informed about the status of your share and insight into the workings of our global food system.



Why support coffee farmers?

Under the current system of global coffee trade, the earnings made from growing and selling coffee do not ensure a profit is made. In other words, coffee farmers often receive less than their cost of production (aka: breaking even). CFC is born from our Cost of Production Covered Project, which has campaigned to educate coffee drinkers about the volatility of the industry while securing a profit for farmers. CFC takes it to the next level through financially investing in the coffee harvest through the model of a CSA. Each subscriber to CFC is directly contributing to the success of a farmer’s business. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about who raises the coffee that goes into your morning cup, you’re in the right place. 



Step 1: Create your account.
We’ll need your name, address, email and payment information. You can log-in to your account at any time to change your preferences.

Step 2: Choose how many bags of coffee you’d like to receive per month for the duration of your subscription.
(small: 1 bag), (medium: 2 bags), (large: 3 bags).
Check out our size guide on our FAQ page.

Step 3: Choose your subscription length.
(3 months/1 quarter), (6 months/2 quarters), (9 months/3 quarters), (12 months/4 quarters).
Check out our FAQ page for more details.

Step 4: Choose which grind size you prefer.
Whole bean, espresso, aeropress, cone, flat bottom, French press.

While your coffee is being raised, harvested, milled, imported, roasted, and shipped to you (depending on when you subscribe this can take 3-6 months), our monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on the status of your beans.


What happens if the coffee harvest that you’ve “pre-financed” is impacted by weather, pests, or disease?

We’ve got you covered! Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Subscriptions Coming Soon!



Have Questions?

Contact us caryn@juniorsroastedcoffee.com.


This project is made possible through a grant from Oatly during 2021-2022. After the first year of the pilot project, the project will be available to other roasters to implement in their own communities.